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Welcome to the Armoury Boxing Club. This isn't your ordinary faceless gym – like the name says it's a boxing club, which means great workouts, progressive learning and hard earned reward in a friendly, motivating environment. No posing, no nonsense.

Back in the day, in prohibition USA, illicit Fight Nights were held in National Guard armouries and here we are, in a beautifully renovated old armoury building with character and soul, reliving the heritage. Authentic, that's the mark of the place. Bare facebrick walls, wooden beams, leather punch bags gently swinging from black steel trusses and two rings, one centre stage, offset by stylish decor, grand pugilistic artwork and a panelled lounge snuck out the back, with leather studded furniture, black and white tiled floors, a library and chandeliers.

But what really sets the Armoury apart is the training experience. Boxing is for real, you don't 'play' boxing, it connects to something primal and is utterly exhilarating. Most of our members however - male and female, boys and girls – don't do the full contact thing but love the one-on-one coaching or Boxing Fitness and Physical Training classes. They benefit from great physical conditioning, increased confidence (walking out of the gym with a smile on the face a 'spring in the step' and that 'ready for anything' attitude) and from the fact that, let's face it, punching the pads or bags is brilliant stress relief (and much more productive than shouting at the kids, kicking the dog, hammering the credit card and telling the boss what for!). The classes are uplifting; buzzing with energy, amped music and a strong sense of purpose. So whatever you want from your training - whether it's to get into great shape, cross-train for another sport or activity or perhaps prepare for your own Fight Night – you'll have a great time and get the best workout.

The Armoury stimulates physically and mentally and challenges perceptions. The place has a striking aesthetic, is colourful and welcoming. You won't find macho posturing but rather an easy comradeship born of shared experience. Anja, a journalist, thanked the Armoury team after her first Fight Night "for setting me out on such a beautiful adventure". Boxing as a 'beautiful adventure' - bet you never thought of it like that!